Blended Teacher Readiness Instrument

On Friday I attended a poster conference at Utah State to share ideas about my literature review and to get feedback from others on K-12 blended teaching competencies. Currently, Jered Borup, Charles Graham and myself have built an instrument that assesses “Blended Teacher Readiness”– it is targeted at the school teachers who have some experience in face-to-face teaching environments, who might teach with some level of technology integration, but who haven’t yet adopted online teaching components for their classroom. The hope is that by surveying their readiness for blended teaching, that we can assess where their needs are and provide targeted resources for them to enhance their abilities in blended and online teaching.

We are conducting a confirmatory factor analysis at this point to validate the 50-60 items in the survey (utilizing teachers in a Virginia school district to take the assessment). Here are the general concepts we are surveying the teachers for (these general categories follow the IBSTPI model categories, loosely):

  1. Foundational Knowledge and Skills
    1. Technical Literacy
    2. Digital Citizenship
    3. Positive Mindsets
  2. Planning and Design
    1. Planning blended activities
    2. Planning blended assessments
  3. Instructional Strategies
    1. Personalizing Instruction
    2. Facilitating Community-based Activities
    3. Facilitating Student-Instructor Interaction
    4. Facilitating Student-Content Interaction
  4. Assessment and Evaluation
    1. Implementing Digital Assessments
    2. Evaluating and Reflecting


One of our main goals in creating the instrument was to create items that are targeted to a blended environment. We are assuming that those taking this survey have experience in the face-to-face classroom, so the skills we want to assess in them are ones that require the technical literacy and creative use of digital technologies to change the way the classroom works. More information on that when we are finished with the validation!

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