Blended Teaching Competencies: Literature Review

I am now nearing the conclusion of a very long road! My literature review/ grounded theory analysis of blended teacher competencies is almost written up and ready to go. I will be first author, with Charles Graham second author. He has helped me refine my ideas immensely. I recommend co-authoring papers whenever possible.

Without completely giving away the findings of my paper, here are a few things that we’ve learned:

1) Blended teaching is NOT the same skill set as online teaching.

2) Being able to personalize learning is one crucial skill to both blended and online teaching pedagogy.

3) Student-centered learning paradigms are going to be key for teachers to adopt. Well-meaning “sage on the stage” attitudes will not be sufficient to allow for student growth and learning in these new modes. It’s more “guide on the side” and emphasis on student autonomy. If teachers don’t have this mindset, then some of the other skills won’t come very easily.

I’m looking forward to what will come after publishing our findings. (I already have an idea… more dissertation writing!)

I feel lucky to be in a department who encourages a 3-article dissertation format, so that I’ve been able to tackle my dissertation when I’m still doing coursework. This will be the first article. The second article will be on the confirmatory factor analysis of the blended teaching readiness instrument (see my previous blog post). The final article will contain findings from interviews I conduct with a variety of blended teachers at several schools.

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