Comparing K-12 Online and Blended Teaching Competencies

Great news! Over the weekend, my literature review was published through Distance Education. This article has been over 18 months in the making, and represents a lot of blood, sweat and tears looking at the literature and various sources that publish about blended teaching and online teaching skills in K-12.

When I first embarked on doing research with Dr. Graham I was interested in looking generally at online and blended teaching and evaluation. Jon Thomas, another graduate student, and I scoured the literature on ERIC, Google Scholar, and other locations for what we could find. He ended up deciding to focus on online teaching evaluation in higher education (and he has published some great things: check this article out: ).

Then I ended up realizing that K-12 online teaching had a pretty good literature base, while blended teaching did not–and I loved seeing innovative models of education that aim to put students in more control of their learning. So I decided that my research would touch on online and blended teaching in K-12, with more of an emphasis on emerging blended teacher competencies.

In this article, I share the top twenty most mentioned blended teaching competencies from the literature, and compare that with the online teaching competencies from the literature.

Here is a link to read it! Full citation information is on my “About” page. (This is a special e-link that lets me share with 50 colleagues and friends)

If you cannot access it at the link above, try reading the pre publication manuscript on Academia:





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