Internship with the Christensen Institute

While I am collecting data for my dissertation, I am starting a new venture: a remote internship with the Clayton Christensen Institute! I am very pleased to be working with this group that has sponsored a lot of initial research into blended learning models and innovations at the K-12 level.

My research during this internship will center on preservice teacher education. What does the landscape of preservice teacher education look like in terms of preparing teachers for blended environments? We know there are a lot of good professional development activities out there, but there seem to be fewer people talking about which universities (online or brick & mortar) that are focusing teacher preparation on online and blended teaching pedagogy. So I’m researching this in an effort to see what is the status right now. I’ll also be looking into the graduate certificates and masters programs offered by higher ed institutions.

The internship will conclude in August when I graduate, and in the meantime, I’ll post periodic updates of what I’m finding to this blog.


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