Interview with Innovations Early College High School Teacher

I had a great time interviewing my friend Darilyn about her experience teaching at Innovations Early College High School in Salt Lake City. I learned about her journey and how she got to where she is, and what she thinks about her job.

Innovations uses a “flex” blended model, and draws students from the downtown Salt Lake City area. It is in its seventh year of operation, and has been led by Ken Grover who was once the principal at West High in Salt Lake City. Each teacher has a group of students that they individually mentor, in addition to teaching classes.

A few things that struck me as profound from my interview with Darilyn:

1) You don’t need to want to change the world or be super entrepreneurial to thrive in this environment–you simply need to be humble.

2) There is time built into the schedules to care about students, which is why most teachers get into the profession in the first place.

If I come up with any findings that are more nuanced than that I may post them here, but for now, I am going to focus on writing up an analysis for my Qualitative Research class!

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