Learning Accelerator Fellowship

I am pleased to say that I have been awarded a research fellowship for the upcoming year with The Learning Accelerator, working with creating assessment tools for blended teaching practices! I am excited for the opportunity to interact with other scholars in the field and work to create solutions for teaching and learning.

This fellowship coincides with the second phase of my dissertation, which is the creation of an assessment tool for blended teaching knowledge, understanding and skills. Previously I wrote a literature review about blended and online teaching competencies in K-12 (which has been submitted to a journal for publication). These will inform the assessment.

The third phase of the dissertation is yet to be determined, but it will likely be based upon the data we collect as we administer the test. I hope that this test will help preservice teacher education to improve their training on blended pedagogy, and also inform inservice teacher professional development efforts as school districts incorporate these pedagogies among teachers who are already skilled in traditional teaching, but may need to gain experience and skill in blended pedagogy.

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