Pre-Course Evaluation Results

The information is in! We received pre-course evaluation results from 150 Women’s Chorus members to get to know them and to use this as a benchmark for the post-course evaluation.

Some of the questions we asked:

“How comfortable are you with discussing ideas online with your peers?” (Scale of 1-6)

“Have you ever set a personal singing goal? If so, what was it?”

“How well do you understand your own vocal/musical strengths and deficiencies? (consider sight singing, intonation, breath support, diction, resonance, expressivity, etc)” (Scale of 1-6)

“How comfortable are you with using Learning Suite for turning in ASSIGNMENTS?”

“How comfortable are you with using Learning Suite for doing ONLINE DISCUSSION?”

As of right now, I’m glad that we decided to use BYU’s learning management system. It doesn’t have every affordance I could wish for for this project, but it does have Grouping Tools, content pages that can be customized with HTML, easy ways to e-mail students who haven’t turned in assignments, and a lot of other good things.

What I wish it had was a way to group the ladies and only assign some assignments to specific students. The way we have personalized the class means that we have taken stock of the individual scores on different skills from their audition, and used those scores to place them in different curriculum tracks.

I’m looking forward to the mid-semester feedback from the girls. I think I’ll try to get a stratified interview sample from ladies who started out with different perceptions of their abilities/strengths and how this curriculum helps them.

Their weekly reflections on their learning will be an interesting way to gauge involvement.

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