Women’s Chorus Update

I was just barely approved to use the Blended Learning Initiative for Women’s Chorus as my first PhD project in Fall 2016. We will implement the curriculum starting with the new singers and receive feedback from them, and from Jean, about the effectiveness of the system, throughout Fall 2016. At the end of the semester we will have a summative evaluation and determine whether or not to continue in Winter 2017.

We determined that we will utilize Learning Suite, BYU’s in-house LMS, to administer the content. Though my efforts in designing a useful interface for singers did help me learn how to code, I didn’t think I could build something robust enough for our purposes that would also be user-friendly for future administrators to implement. So we decided to focus on the curriculum and administration of the Blended Learning curriculum rather than building a separate interface. We hope that by using Learning Suite we will have a lower learning curve for the girls, as this LMS will be familiar to some, due to its widespread use on BYU campus for many classes other than Women’s Chorus.

Right now we are in the development stages of planning the curriculum concepts. We just barely determined how we would put the singers into groups based on their vocal skills and characteristics (data we will gather during the audition process). Jean has a curriculum laid out for singers lacking in sight-singing skills, and we will put effort into curating online content and other resources for those who are further developing vocal and tonal skills.


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