Blended Learning for K-12 Performing Arts

Just has my first blog post published on the Blended Learning Universe blog! Check it out here: 

As I’ve worked with pre-service teachers who are focused on performing arts disciplines (music, dance & theater) I have noticed a trend of general distrust for using technology. And that is OK! In the performing arts, we use class time for doing things we could not do unless we were gathered together in the same physical space. (Yes, I have seen Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir [and it’s cool!] , but no, that is not the norm, nor the ideal in terms of a K-12 arts education experience).

The more that I mesh my two worlds of instructional design/ blended learning with my background as a musician, I realize that there is huge untapped potential for performing arts disciplines through the use of blended pedagogical approaches. It takes willingness to experiment with online tools, but I really feel like it can bless the lives of individual students in the ensembles that we direct.

If you read the blog post and like what you’re hearing but want more direction, contact me! I’d love to help you brainstorm effective ways to use blended teaching pedagogy in your classroom.

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