New Hire Training for CTL

A recent project that I’ve been developing for the last few months is the New Hire Training for student employees at BYU’s Center for Teaching and Learning. It’s been a fun experience to meet with our business manager to design different aspects of the training. If you’re interested to see a draft of the training (put together using Adobe Captivate) you may watch it here. I’ll post a follow-up with the complete training module when I get things finished. We are still making a few tweaks.

In developing the training videos, I used Powtoon, and worked with our student animation staff to get static images of our own custom characters, such as Dr. Michaelson. I edited the script and some of the audio files before putting it together.

Once it’s completed, we will have students take the training and receive a certificate through BYU’s Y-train program, to verify their understanding of CTL work policies.

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