PICRAT model for Effective Classroom Technology Integration

Just today, we released a new blog post on Blended Learning Universe about using the PICRAT model to evaluate the effectiveness of using technology for classroom activities. This evaluative framework differs from others primarily in that it incorporates the student’s involvement as a key component. Is the student passive, interacting, or creative in using technology? Blended learning efforts should not always put a student in a passive mode, but strive to empower students to engage and create as part of their technology use.

Read my full blog post here: https://www.blendedlearning.org/new-framework-helps-unlock-transformative-creative-learning/

If this model is interesting to you, I suggest you check out Royce Kimmons’ open textbook chapter about this, and other effective technology integration models: https://k12techintegration.pressbooks.com/chapter/effective-technology-integration/

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