MTECH Suicide Prevention Training

Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted an update about what I’ve been working on, so I decided now was the time to share some of a project I’ve been working on.

Human Resources and I have been collaborating with our school counselors to build a very short online Suicide Prevention Training. It’s been a good experience to familiarize myself with a huge problem in our society, and while it isn’t the most fun topic to discuss, I am a better person for what I’ve learned about suicide prevention.

We are still shooting some video footage explaining our college’s policies and procedures for suicide prevention, but at the end of that, I wanted to quickly present some facts and myths about suicide that are pertinent to our area. See below! This was built using H5P. There is a wide variety of content and activities you can build using H5P– I recommend it as an easy platform. It also has integrations with Canvas and other LMSs if you want something robust that passes along the data, but this works fine for our employee orientation purposes.

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