Women’s Chorus Update

I just had a meeting with Jean Applonie about our Blended Learning model for Women’s Chorus and showed her my website product. We are getting in contact with the Center for Teaching and Learning at BYU so that we can deepen our development and implement all of our strategies with extra support. We are very excited about the project!

Jean could see the possibility of eventually reducing rehearsal time to three days a week. That would allow for so many other possibilities. Allowing the girls to increase their personal accountability is a very big leap. I will be presenting to them on Monday at 3 pm so the singers who will be around next year can get excited about this new pilot project.

Some elements that we discussed adding to the Women’s Chorus Learning Website were: a discussion forum application, content that teaches life skills in addition to choral skills, reducing the habit list to 4 habits and giving Jean the first month of class to cover the choral habits (one per week), before letting the girls decide their singer habits they will personally work on. We also discussed which choir leaders will need to see the journal entries of the girls. It could be the section leaders, but we don’t want to overload them with too much work.

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